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Protection Code:* Please, enter the text shown in the image into the field below. captcha code reload Closer to July 20th, time slots and stage name will be e-mailed to you along with other pertinent information. Upon arrival at the Awesome God Festival, band packets with entry wrist bands for band members and other information will be waiting for you at the entry gate. Due to time constraints schedules will be strict ,therefore all band members must be at designated places when scheduled including time of prayer prior performance. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your performance.

Band sets will be a maximum time of 40 minutes in length with 20 minutes for set-up and sound check. If a longer prep time is needed the end time remains the same. Stage time for individuals will vary.

Merchandise tables can be set up next to your stage one hour prior, during and one hour after performance. You must provide your own table no larger than 4' x 8' in size. In addition you will need to provide people to man your merchandise table. The merchandise vendors do so at their own expense of entering the festival. ($5)

We look forward to receiving the information requested. Please fill out this form and click "submit" if you would like to send us your information. If you have any questions please feel free to call Nancy at 704-873-2156 (8am-8pm EST) or send an e-mail to

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